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How important is having a clean office? To some, it is vital, a necessary component
of their business functions.

It is probably worthwhile to hire a professional company to provide office cleaning services. Cleaners from M&M Cleanex get the job done efficiently and at the appointed time. They understand the urgency of having work areas clean and tidy, ready for the next day's business. When a company employs a professional cleaning service, they can rely on the fact that garbage and recycling bins will be emptied each time, that kitchen and bathroom areas will be disinfected and ready for use, and that floors will be thoroughly vacuumed or mopped.

In any office, but particularly in an office where clients regularly visit, cleanliness matters. That is why office cleaning service is so important.

An office that is neat and clean gives the appearance of being organized and efficient. It also makes the business look successful. Clients will see an attractive office as a sign that a company is being well managed and is consequently profitable. Business areas that are nicely maintained bolster customer confidence. They feel that their interests will be as well looked after by the company as the business' own office space. It's amazing what a clean office can do! At M&M Cleanex we provide a complete and comprehensive range of office cleaning services and commercial cleaning services within South County Dublin and North County Wicklow.

Office cleaning services - some of the services we can do at your office

  • Regular office cleaning services - from a few times per day
    to monthly services
  • Window cleaning (inside)
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Bathroom, toilets clean
  • Emptying rubbish bins
  • Dusting all surfaces and desks,
    disinfecting phones and keyboards

We are here to achieve the best results while doing office/commercial cleaning at your premises.
That is why we can custom design your office's cleaning package.

Office cleaning services - activities our professional crews do on a routine cleaning visit

  • Office Area
    • Dust all surfaces and desks - paying attention
      to details like behind monitors, etc
    • Disinfect phones and keyboards
    • Dust monitors
    • Empty rubbish bins and replace bags
    • Vacuum throughout
    • Mop tiled and wooden floor surfaces
  • Toilets
    • Clean and disinfect toilets, clean behind toilet
    • Clean sink and polish taps
    • Clean and polish mirrors
    • Wipe clean walls in restroom
  • Kitchen Area
    • Wipe kitchen cupboards from outside
    • Clean microwave oven
    • Clean sink and polish taps
    • Clean splash-back
    • Clean appliance exterior
    • Clean counter and table tops
    • Polish any stainless steel surfaces

M&M Cleanex provides professional cleaning services in Dublin M&M Cleanex is house cleaning company in South County Dublin and North County Wicklow Are you looking for a cleaning company in Dublin? M&M Cleanex provides professional cleaning services

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